Start your fitness with Cardio


Have you ever come into such situatioin?You setted a goal to keep fit,but you didn’t as there’s no time for you to go to the gym.You started to run for several nights but it’s hard to insist,so you quit.

Actually,fitness is not that hard and it can be done anywhere and anytime with cardio.

What is cardio?

Cardio is a steady state of exercise that raises your heart and breathing rates,improves the function of your heart,lungs,and circulatory system.

When you’re at home,you can lift weights,do some strength training,stair climbing,dancing,rope skipping,sit-ups,push-ups,planks,stationary sprinters,boxer stance,squat thrust,etc.

And if you wanna do some outdoor cardio,you can run,gog,trot,swim,cycle or clim the mountain.

So now you know that cardio have no time and place limit,what you should do is just keep it as a habbit, like brushing your teeth and sleeping for seven to eight hours a night, it’s one of the most indisputably healthy activities you can do.

Know your heart rate

Since cardiovascular exercise is directly related to how hard your heart is working, that means you need to know your heart rate with some fancy heart rate monitor.

What Fitpolo fitness tracker can help you

With a fitpolo fitness tracker,you can track your heart rate and adjust your intensity of cardio accordingly.Of course,beside from heart rate monitor,you can also track your own steps and calories.

Stop watch is available,you can use it during doing a set of cardio.

What’s more,you can never worry about forgetting to exercise as Fitpolo has a exercise reminder and goal achievement reminder.

For fitness,you can consider us as a personal coach!