Running tips


Running is a great way to get fit, feel better and even form new relationships with other runners. Starting a new running habit doesn’t have to be hard — all it takes is a smart fitness tracker and a willingness to move a little or a lot, all at your own pace.The steps and calories counting makes it easy to get started, get inspired and stay on track. Are you ready? Let’s go!

How to Train


The absolute best way to keep yourself running is to find a race, sign up for it, pay for it and put it on your calendar. A fixed race date will help you stay focused, and keep you on a regular running schedule. A beginner can run any race — you just need to allow enough time to train for it.


Some people are natural heel-strikers while others tend to lead with their toes. The good news: neither form is inherently better than the other. And you are less likely to become injured if you simply maintain your natural stride. The more you run, the more comfortable that stride will feel and the more efficient your body will become.


The Run-Walk Method is a great way for new runners to get started and for experienced runners to improve their race times. The method was pioneered by one of our favorite coaches — the Olympian Jeff Galloway. Contrary to what you might think, the technique doesn’t mean walking when you’re tired; it means taking brief walk breaks when you’re not. You can pick whatever ratio of walking and running that works for you. Some suggested combinations include:

Some runners don’t like the walk-break method because they believe a race should be run from start to finish, without stopping. If that’s your goal, go for it!


You can find any number of elaborate training plans online, but we believe in keeping it simple. Here is the basic formula for a great training plan.

Train three days a week
Run or run/walk 20 to 30 minutes, two days a week
Take a longer run or run/walk (40 minutes to an hour) on the weekend
Rest or cross-train on your off days
Run at a conversational pace
Consider taking regular walk-breaks

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