Basketball tips helps you impress your friends

Fitness trackers are fairly straightforward when you’re running or working out at the gym. You put the device on your wrist, sync it to your phone, and before you know it, you instantly have access to metrics on heart rate, distance, calories, and other exercise stats. But what about when you’re playing sports? Can it be used as well?The answer is yes.Whatever it’s basketball,skipping,climbing,swimming,etc,the fitness tracker can track your sports data as well,and the data is precise.

Ok,as a profession smart wearable device manufacturer,what we can share is more than just our fitness tracker,what i am going to share is about some simple basketball tips that helps you impress your Friends!

Shooting Tips
Your team scores by shooting the ball into the basket, of course. This is one of the most thrilling aspects of the game.
When about to shoot, it is important to be relaxed, while remaining focused on the basket. When attempting bank shots and lay-ups, the player should concentrate on the backboard.
When shooting the ball, players should learn to be completely balanced. Proper all-round balance of the body is critical when lining up a shot.
It is important to develop the skill to sense the right time to take a shot. Players must not shoot too often. With enough practice, players will develop the ability to discern when it is the right time to shoot and when not.
When using the jump shot, the jump should be natural and not forced. After jumping straight up, the ball should be released right at the crest of their elevation. A simple way to remember this is: “Up – Hover – Shoot.”
The follow through after each shot players take at the basket is also very important. Each time they shoot, players should practice an appropriate follow through.

Passing Tips
Without a doubt, passing is one of the most vital aspects of the game. Efficient ball passing is crucial for the team to advance the ball effectively.

Here are some of the dos of ball passing:
Do opt for easy passes.
Do pass to the player who is unmarked.
Do make fake movements before actually passing the ball.
Instead of the bounce pass, do make use of the air pass on a fast break.
In order to generate better lanes for passing, do dribble.
Do make use of the bounce pass in order to feed the ball to the post.
With every pass you make, do make sure to follow through.
When passing, do see that you do it away from the defense marking you.
Do use both hands to pass. Single-handed passes are far more difficult to receive.

And here are some don’ts:
Don’t throw in the general direction of a teammate’s voice.
When making a pass, don’t jump up in the air.
Don’t make a pass to a heavily marked teammate.
Don’t pass the ball from the center of the court, choose a side and pass from there.

Dribbling Tips
Arguably, dribbling the basketball is one of the skills that players enjoy the most. There is just something magical about manipulating the basketball with your hands! Here are a few key aspects of dribbling that players must remember always.
While dribbling the ball, it is important to stay low.
Keeping the head up while dribbling is also important.
While dribbling and advancing with the ball, instead of avoiding the defender, attack him/her.
Purposeful dribbling is the most effective – hence avoid pointless movements.
While dribbling, it is important to learn to use the body and the other hand to protect the ball.
All players have one hand that is strong. In order to be an ambidextrous dribbler, the weaker hand must be strengthened by constant practice.
The best way to keep the defender off-balanced is to learn to change the pace of dribbling, sometimes speeding it up and at other times slowing it down.
Another tactic of keeping the defender off-balanced is to learn to change direction abruptly while dribbling.
Once the player succeeds in beating the defender, he/she must learn how to keep the defender behind you.
Dribbling mechanics and techniques can be improved by constant practice.

Hope these tips can be helpful,and if you have other suggestion,welcome to comment below.
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