A fitness tracker for my grandparents

Two months ago,my grandpa was sent to hospital for hematencephalon.We were pretty worry about him as he was having hematemesis on the way to the hospital,and four years ago,he just had a cerebral infarction.
According to the disgnose,hematencephalon was caused by high blood pressure,which has been existed these years,but he ignore his high blood pressure and stop eating the medicine,so the blood pressure has increased suddenly.

At the ambulance,he told us about the course of the incident.At the moment when he was transplanting rice seedlings,he felt pretty uncomfortable,so he made a call to a relative,who lives near to our farmland.His disease got worse so soon that after he’d had this conversation with us,he fell into a coma,and lied for a whole week.Now it’s 2 months,there’s still one hand and leg couldn’t be movable,and he’s so weak and sometimes his mind is not clear.

But thank god he’s alive,and if there’s no mobile phone with him or the phone haven’t made through, he might couldn’t be here with us.

About this incident,i think it’s kind of our reponsibility.It’s us that didn’t remind him of eating those medicine to decrease his blood pressure,it’s us that haven’t stopped him to work in farmland at such a hot weather,it’s us that haven’t had him for a heart rate and blood pressure monitoring.

Now we’ve taken him home,and monitor his health state every minutes,this time,we won’t let anything bad happen to him,if it did,we must be the first one to be there.Sorry,grandpa.

About my grandma,we also worry about her,she is overweight and have a high blood pressure as well,and the same as our grandpa,she doesn’t eat those medicine very often.We always ask her to eat those medicine and hope she can understand that health problem should not be avoided.
And we also wear Fitpolo fitness tracker for her to monitor her heart rate and sleeping,and as she is overweight,my mom would motivate her to do some fitness exercise together,and by tracking the calories burning,she said it gives her a sense of achievement.Grandma,pls never take it off,and this time,we would take good care of you and grandpa.